On-site machining services is a part of our day-to-day activities. We perform in-house and on-site machining including line boring & spot facing, milling, drilling, tapping, t-slotting, flange machining and shaft turning. 
We offer:
1. Line boring machines
with boring and facing range up to 1065mm.
This is a perfect solution for machining of hinge pins, tubes, flanges.
2. A portable heavy duty drilling and tapping machine with a strong electromagnetic base,  equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor, machine is capable to drill holes up to 100mm in diameter.
This is the best solution for drilling large and heavy work-pieces.
3. Circular mill
is a highly configurable machine suitable for machining of large diameter flanges from 2200 mm to 6300 mm and turning the shafts with diameter up to 700mm.
In addition to face milling, machine can be used for single point machining, back-facing, t-slotting and drilling of pilot holes. 
Using a combination of characteristics to ensure precision and speed, we give the customer the opportunity to choose the best service for reasonable cost.
Please download our On-site machining services presentation.