Health & Safety Management means for us:

  • We are committed to creating a safe and secure work environment
  • We are providing sufficient resources for creating a safe and secure work environment in compliance with all current safety laws, regulations and rules

Environmental Management means for us:

  • We are using the resources in sustainable way
  • We are considering possible environmental impacts during development of our processes and technology

Quality Management means for us:

  • We are not tolerated to any non-conformity – “0-tolerance”
  • The feedback from customers and co-operation partners is the driving force for us

The principles described above are basis for our everyday work and for planning of development activities.

The implementation and continuous improvement of the management system is the responsibility of the each employee.

Our management system is certified against international standards: 

  • ISO 9001 quality management
  • ISO 3834-2 welding quality management
  • ISO 14001 environmental management
  • ISO 45001 health and safety system
  • EN 1090-2 EXC 3 steel construction certificate

The implemented Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management System assures the fulfillment of:

  • customer requirements and expectations;
  • requirements of international standards;
  • local laws & regulations, and
  • achievement of organizational goals.

The overview of our Management System is given in Management System Manual