With hundreds of people and industrial machinery, we have zero tolerance for errors. All our processes follow the strictest rules.

Principles to achieve quality goals:

1.     We are not producing, but we are offering the service. Quality assurance is essential for us.

2.     Every next step/operation/procedure is CUSTOMER – it means that non-conformities are not accepted nor forwarded to the next step/process/person. Non-conformity is not only the non-conforming product but includes also all process non-conformities.

3.     Quality requirements are built in processes - work descriptions/standard procedures include the activities for quality assurance. We prevent the situation where employees depend on the quality control activities and we will turn these activities into quality assurance - product/activity quality control conducted by every employee. Quality surveyor/controller is controller-trainer.

4.     We are using the etalons/standards and calibers to achieve the accuracy of measurements.