Big jobs require big machines. Here are some highlights of our industrial gear.
  • Overhead lifting capacity 160 tons
  • 1250-ton hydraulic press
  • Submerged arced welding portals
  • Robot welding station with a 50-ton positioner
  • Infrared and ceramic preheating
  • PWHT furnace (9x8x6m)
  • CNC boring mill Skoda HCW3 with 24m horizontal and 8m vertical travel, and a 5x5m160-ton rotary table
  • CNC boring mill Fermat WRF160 with 16m horizontal and 6m vertical travel, and a 3x3,5m rotary table
  • CNC boring mill Fermat WRF130 with 9m horizontal and 4m vertical travel, and a 2x2,4m rotary table
  • CNC boring mill Fermat WRFt130 with 4,2m horizontal and 2,5m vertical travel, and a 2x2,5m rotary table
  • 10x10x35m blasting & painting halls
  • Large hydraulic power units (HPU-s)
  • Load test stand (1,150-ton capacity)
  • Offshore crane test stand (6,000 tm)